Wondering what makes our express services different than your normal drive-through car washes (aka scratch factories)?



They use 60-100 gallons of water and machines with no quality control We use 2 gallons of water and experts with sharp eyes & soft hands
They use harsh chemicals and abrasive pressure We use advanced biodegradable polymers and soft hand washing & polishing techniques
They miss areas, scratch your paint, leave water spots and fail to clean embedded contaminants We safely clean all visible surfaces, remove contaminants and hand polish to a mirror-like shine
They have no quality control or feedback process Quality control is embedded in our hand washing process. We review your vehicle with you, and always have a satisfaction guarantee!
They may offer manual vacuums and cleaning equipment, but you do the work We do all that heavy cleaning for you
They depend on complex mechanical equipment, harsh chemicals and your community water systems We are auto detailing experts focused on our customers and the environment, not just profit margins.
They take 8-15 minutes to flood your vehicle with water and chemicals We take 10-20 minutes to hand wash and polish your vehicle, using 2 gallons of water