1. Dirty Little Secrets in the Car Wash Industry

    The True Costs of Using an Automatic Car Wash (AKA "The Scratch Factory") They're cheap and seem reputable to the average car owner, but even the newest automatic car washes leave millions of micro-abrasions on your paint. A car wash expert at MSN put it another way —"It's like slapping your car o…Read More

  2. Benefits of Professional Auto Detailing vs. DIY

    For many people, giving their car a deep clean is a chore that they would like to have done but often gets put on the back burner. For others, it is a part of car ownership that they truly enjoy. Whichever case you resonate with, you have two primary options — to take care of your car yourself or …Read More

  3. How to Care For Your Car in the Winter

    Winter in Pennsylvania can be a devastating time for the exterior conditions of your car. Many people do not understand the reasons winter is so bad for your car or what their options are for mitigating these issues and keeping their car in a good condition throughout the harsh winter season. This p…Read More