What most car owners don’t know about car care.. and why some cars always seem to look new.

They know these ten secrets…

1. Avoid automatic wash bays and tunnels.

They use harsh cleaning chemicals, high pressure water or automatic brushes that only partially clean your car while damaging the areas that they do hit.
— Instead, carefully hand wash your car or use a professional detailing company that will keep your car looking new, inside and out.

2. Never apply water, chemicals or water based wax to a car without hand drying and polishing afterward.

Water and wax must be removed and polished to prevent water spots and waxy buildup. Cheap car wash waxes evaporate in a few days, leaving a dull residue that builds up over time.
— Always dry your car after proper hand washing and apply a high quality wax by hand. Better yet, have a professional wash, wax and polish your car regularly.

3. Avoid organic, metallic and acidic contaminants.

Try not to park under trees or power lines, and avoid parking near major roadways or railways. Instead, park in a garage or away from other vehicles if possible… and enjoy the walk!

4. Never touch a dirty car without first applying a water based surface lubricant.

Dry wiping dust or debris will produce scratches and swirl marks.

5. Washing and waxing isn’t enough.

At least once per year, have a professional remove iron and carbon deposits from you car using a clay bar or an iron removal service to get rid of brake dust, heavy metals, minerals and exhaust deposits.

6. Have bird droppings, water spots, bugs, tar, stone chips and scratches removed immediately.

If you wait, you’re asking for more damage to creep in from the sun and the elements.

7. Have your car professionally detailed and protected, inside and out, every 4 to 6 months.

Dirt, grime, salts, contaminants and oils can dull your paint and discolor interior materials. The pros know what to use on every surface, and more importantly, what not to use.

8. Avoid steam and fabric saturation on interior surfaces.

Today’s dry cleaning processes avoid the mold, mildew and odor that comes from wet washing carpets and fabrics. The best detailers use water very sparingly to remove stains and dirt, and that keeps your car looking and smelling new, longer. It’s also healthier for you and your family.

9. Choose a detailer that will properly clean & protect your wheels, tires, wheel wells, door jams, engine area, fuel fill area and underbody.

These are areas that commonly get neglected, yet they greatly impact the overall appearance and value of your car.

10. A vehicle that looks and smells new, is healthier, safer and more enjoyable over the ownership cycle.

And, you’ll get a better offer come trade in time.

Ok, now what? Simply call the pro’s at My Car Butler for a free consultation. We come to you, and treat every car and truck as if it were our own.


Winter Bonus TIP:

Road salt is highly corrosive and can’t be properly removed without delicate hand washing. After every winter storm, it is imperative that road salt be carefully removed from all body panels, wheels, door jams and the under-body (or chassis). Cold temperatures prevent most of us from hand washing, but for the reason stated above, don’t compromise by running your car through an automatic wash tunnel.
– Instead, have the pro’s at My Car Butler pick up your car from your home or workplace and return it, freshly washed and waxed, within 3 hours. Our delicate and thorough hand washing process includes a polymer wax that will protect your car’s finish against the next storm or salty road trip, and you won’t need to lift a finger. We can also include an express interior cleaning.