For many people, giving their car a deep clean is a chore that they would like to have done but often gets put on the back burner. For others, it is a part of car ownership that they truly enjoy. Whichever case you resonate with, you have two primary options — to take care of your car yourself or have car detailing performed by a professional. Many people write off getting professional car detailing services because they would rather not have to spend that much money on their car, but if they saw the results, it would very likely make them reconsider. Besides — doing it yourself not only takes up quite a bit of your time, but also has its own costs as well. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing between doing car detailing yourself or heading to a trusted auto detail shop like My Car Butler in Chambersburg.

Save Time

When you detail your car yourself, you are going to have to go to the store to purchase specific car cleaning products, declutter your car, spray your floor mats (depending on if they are rubber or fabric, clean underneath floor mats and the rest of the interior of your car, including in between the cracks of your seats, in your trunk, around your center console, underneath your seats, and so forth. Then, you will want to dust the interior, including air vents and cup holders, and steam clean your door jambs and sills. Then you will want to give your seats and upholstery a deep clean as well. As you can see, car detailing on your own can take quite a bit of time — but when you see a professional who has years of experience with car detailing, they can make it quick, easy, and even affordable, which is also our next point.

Save Money

Although you may think that performing car detailing yourself will save you money, having it done by a professional actually saves you in the long run. When you detail your car yourself, you still need to purchase the brushes and products for each section of your car — which can add up. Time is also money, so you will want to consider if spending your afternoon detailing your car is something you would do over other things.

Water is another factor to consider. While washing the exterior of your car in the driveway may seem like a cheaper alternative to professional car detailing, it is easy to end up using a lot of water that may ultimately cause a spike in your water bill. And because much of it doesn’t even end up on the car, it results in a waste of natural resources, whereas a pro like the ones at My Car Butler monitors their water usage, using only two gallons of water per wash (which is all that is needed for a pristine clean).

Experience the Highest Quality

While you might be able to do a great job with car detailing yourself, can it really be as great as when a professional who has years upon years of experience performs the job? That is a question you will have to ask yourself. If you do not have experience with car detailing, there could be areas you miss — such as inside of the doors or underneath the bumpers. When you see a professional, they will make sure that all of these areas are cleaned properly. That is their job, and as professional car detailers, they will ensure that you are happy with the job they perform on your car.

At My Car Butler, we offer Advanced and Premium car detailing services that feature valet pickup and delivery in order to ensure the most convenient and best experience for you. By gently hand washing and detailing your car, we ensure that your car’s paint won’t scratch and is left with a sparkling shine.

Less Chance of Damage

Professional car detailers are trained in the use of the highest quality products and car detailing practices. This means that they know which products are safe to use for your car and which ones are not. It would be highly unlikely that your car detailer would over-buff your paint job or stain it, whereas if you are unfamiliar with the practice of car detailing, it is much easier for you to cause damage to your car’s paint and end up paying even more to hire a professional to fix it. Hiring a professional to handle your car detailing means that you can put your mind at ease and rest assured that your car is in good hands. Plus, if you work with a team like My Car Butler, they can fix any pre-existing scratches you may have in order to leave your car looking good as new!

Better for the Environment

When detailing your car yourself, it can be easy to use much more product and water than you actually need. Like we said earlier, many times people leave their hoses running for much longer than needed, not only causing a spike in their water bill but also wasting a natural resource. When you opt to work with a professional like the team at My Car Butler, they will know exactly how much of each product and the right amount of water to use for your car in order to be less wasteful while still giving you an exceptional clean.

At the end of the day, how you decide to wash your car is entirely up to you — but if you are hoping to save time, money, decrease your chances of experiencing damages, experience the highest quality, and take care of our environment, we suggest opting for professional car detailing services with the experienced team at My Car Butler in Chambersburg. We offer a wide range of car detailing services, as well as a-la-carte services such as headlight lens restoration, scratch and stone chip repair, wheel and tire spa, paint correction, and more. We take the environment seriously, so we make sure to use only two gallons of water per service because that is all that is truly needed for a deep clean. As a car owner, you deserve to have better cleaning solutions that take your car seriously and won’t leave you waiting for hours on end. You also deserve to have affordable car detailing services that won’t break your bank. Give us a call at My Car Butler in Chambersburg today for more information and a free quote on our car detailing services, and browse our car detailing gallery to see how we can transform your car to look factory-new. We look forward to working with you!