Did you know that traditional wash methods and mechanical wash tunnels scratch your car’s paint? This drastically reduces the gloss/shine and reflectivity over time. My Car Butler developed a hybrid wash method which combines the rinseless West Coast methods with a high lubricity pre-wash formulation designed for the challenges of the Northeastern climate and road conditions. The result is safe, eco-friendly and “hands-on” cleaning process that pre-cleans, washes, dries and polishes the paint, using less than 5-gallons of water.

Our “near-waterless” wash and polish system produces an amazing shine, without damaging your clear coat or adding waxy fillers. After the Hybrid Wash Process we remove any embedded contaminants using clay, then apply a polymer surface protectant that delivers a deep gloss, which outlasts and outshines any natural wax. Water beads and sheets away, even on the glass!

For vehicles with existing swirl marks, chips, scratches or water spots, we offer a variety of paint correction services that will remove the damage caused by mechanical wash tunnels, environmental fallout, accidents, UV degradation, stone impacts, and poor washing/drying methods.

Our unique interior cleaning process is eco-friendly, safe and thorough, delivering exceptional “like new” results and a great smell. We employ the latest equipment and products to deep clean the carpets, fabrics, leather and plastic surfaces, then we polish to perfection and offer a variety of interior scents that last for weeks.

Car owners deserve better cleaning solutions. You don’t have the time to wait at a detail shop for 2-3 hours anymore, and scheduling a drop off at a detail shop can be a major inconvenience. The My Car Butler service model delivers exceptional results and amazing convenience for our customers.